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Note: gbl Wheel Brite Cleaner

buy 2LGBL wheel cleaner online

Brief introduction:buy 2LGBL wheel cleaner online
buy 2LGBL wheel cleaner online

special reminder:Only for industrial use, and those without industrial production qualifications can't buy them. 

CAS No.[96-48-0]


Other namesGamma-butyrolactone GBL

Molecular formulaC4H6O2

Molecular weight86.09


Appearance/colorColorless transparent liquid

Package0.5L 1L 2L 5L 10L 25L

Production scale10T/month


Note: buy 2L GBL wheel cleaner online . GBL Cleaner should be cleaning purpose only!!!

GBL is safe, non-toxic, water-soluble cleaner when used as cleaner directed, GBL acts as excellent cleaning agent in wheel cleaning, deletion printing inks, floor refinishing, chewing gum remover, and removing graffiti, paint and other cleaning purpose.

Each order is more than 30L. The price is very favorable. Welcome to email consultation. 30L 2000USD

Once order is submitted, you will receive a confirmation notification by email.
The parcel is dispatched within 24 hours once payment is cleared, at which time a tracking number is provided.
Please contact with us for Western Union payment information through

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