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Warning: we have no agents. All products are shipped from China. We have never had an agent in the United States. If someone posing as our agent asks you to remit the money. Must be a liar
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Linshu YIHE Chemical Co. Ltd. since its establishment in 2006 has been nearly ten years of groundless talk. But we believe that it is far from our destination. We mainly deal in fine chemicals, GBL  Cleaner  , which have been exported to the United States, Canada, Hongkong,Vietnam,Thailand,UAE.Singapore, Germany, Sweden  buy gbl   Cleaner  online from china ,We will continue to impress our customers with our sincerity, and win the trust of our clients with our faith.Note: only the GBL Wheel Brite Cleaner is available

Linshu YIHE Chemical Co. Ltd. , registered in 2006, has more than all kinds of chemical r&d engineers, production of various automotive cleaning agent, anti-rust agent, release agent, paint remover, deinking agent, grinding fluid, cutting fluid, passivation solution, such as surface treatment products, our company with research and development, production, sales and technical guidance for the integration. Has a complete scientific quality management system, each link of production in the grid control, the company with excellent quality and perfect after-sales service and good faith, pragmatic and excellent product quality get industry recognition, deeply trusted by customers.

special reminder:Only for industrial use, and those without industrial production qualifications can't buy them. 

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