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Source:gbl Wheel Brite Cleaner  Date:2020/6/9
Prompt:Pay attention to the use of cleaner

来自: Linyi yihe chemical co. LTD 发布日期:2018-10-7
核心提示:Matters to be noted during use of cleaning agents
1. Best service temperature of cleaning agent:
Generally, as the temperature of cleaning agent increases, its decontamination capacity also increases, but beyond a certain temperature, the amount of oil decreases instead. As a result, each detergent has an optimal temperature range, not the higher the better. When heated to a certain temperature, the cleaning agent will appear turbidity phenomenon, the temperature is called "turbidity point", the solubility of the active agent in water decreases, and some components are reduced due to the effect of thermal decomposition and loss of decontamination ability. Therefore, the temperature of the non-ionic cleaning agent should be controlled below the cloud point. Temperature should be controlled under 70 °
2. Is the cleaner used for time?
Once the cleaning agent is prepared for multiple use, the usage time mainly depends on the number of cleaning parts and the contamination of cleaning agent. Generally, the preparation of cleaning agent can be used for 1 week and 2 weeks continuously. In order to save the amount of cleaning agent and improve the cleaning quality, the cleaning sequence should be arranged according to the characteristics of cleaning components. If the main parts are cleaned first rather than dirty parts; The second part and dirty part after cleaning, which can extend the use time of cleaning agent.
Can cleaner replace gasoline?
Some companies use diesel, kerosene or gasoline as cleaning fluid to clean parts. This is not only a waste of energy, but also a potential source of insecurity which, at the slightest risk, could lead to a fire. In recent years, the metal cleaner has been widely used. It can replace diesel oil, kerosene and gasoline to clean the parts well. Moreover, it is cheap, safe and suitable for mechanical cleaning.
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