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Source:gbl Wheel Brite Cleaner  Date:2020/6/9
Prompt:Gamma-butyllactone is GBL
Gamma-butyllactone is non-toxic transparent oil-like liquid and water completely soluble, soluble in ethanol, ether, benzene and acetone, can dissolve many organic and inorganic compounds. It is a kind of solvent with high boiling point, strong solubility, good electrical properties and stability. Safe and easy to use.


Gamma-butyllactone is an important organic synthetic raw material and excellent solvent. It is mainly used for

1. Synthetic series of pyrrolidone products, cyclopropylamine, acetyl-gamma-butyllactone, etc.

Gamma-butyllactone is also used in agricultural chemicals, polymers and dyes, solvents in printing and extraction agents in petrochemical industry; 3.

3, gamma-butyllactone as raw materials, but also can produce spices, intermediates, rust remover, etc..


Galvanized iron drum or rubber drum, each net weight 200 kg.

Storage and transportation conditions

Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse away from fire and heat sources.
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