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Source:buy gbl Wheel Brite Cleaner  Date:2021/3/31
Prompt:​BDO supply is tight, prices soar.gbl price

BDO supply is tight, prices soar.gbl price
According to the quotation of the business association, the domestic BDO market continued to rise, and the price soared. The production price of BDO has risen from 11675 yuan in November last year to about 31000 yuan in March this year. Price up 200% month on month
According to the price announced by some enterprises in February, it can be seen that the price in February rose sharply compared with that in January. At present, the BDO market is in short supply, the supplier's mentality of price increase continues, and the demand of downstream buyers is large. The bidding price is 32000 yuan / ton.
Raw materials rose due to BDO. Leading to the crazy rise of GBL price. There is a certain fluctuation in the price. I hope you can make an inquiry.
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